Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Law and Religion Scholars Network

Amongst other organisations and groups I am a member of the Law and Religion Scholars Network run by the Cardiff University 'Centre for Law and Religion'

The Centre is run by Professor Norman Doe with much of the hard graft (as we say in the North) being done by Russell Sandberg. The two of them put in a large amount of work to bring together lawyers and others who are involved in legal and religious matters. In January for example there was a meeting discussing the various types of Courts or Tribunals run by religious organisations including Catholic Annulments, Jewish Beth Dinn and the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal. Papers from the meeting are made available at

The Centre has now set up a Database of cases dealing with religion and law compiled by the Law and Justice case note writing team, led by Frank Cranmer. For each case, a short summary of the decision and a link to the transcript of the case is provided. A fuller case note for most of the cases is published in Law and Justice. Once the full case note has been published in Law and Justice then a reference to the case note will be added to the end of that entry. Judgments are arranged by year. The Case Database currently includes all cases from 2007 onwards, together with some of the most significant earlier cases. It can be found on the LARSN webpages at:

Each list is split into two sections: the first includes cases heard in the United Kingdom, the second features cases heard by the European institutions. The entries are arranged chronologically, with the most recent cases at the top. I do something similar with Case reports at my site but it is always useful to have more than one source covering this subject and the LARSN database includes many cases relevant to the Church of England which I hadn't noticed.

For anyone interested in religion and law this site should be added to your 'favourites'. I can heartily recommend it

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