Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Doe v Holy See - Update

My earlier Blog Doe v Holy See - Not as Important as it appears has been supported by the decision today to withdraw three Civil Claims against the Holy See brought in Kentucky. As I mentioned the main point of the Doe case was that it rejected the idea that Catholic Diocese or Orders were "agents or instrumentalities" of the Holy See and it also explicitly accepted that because the Holy See is recognised as Foreign State by the US Government it therefore is a Foreign State under US Law.

Though the News Stories mention that the Oregon claims are still proceeding I suspect that the lawyers in that case will recognise that they will have an insurmountable problem trying to prove that Priests in America are "employees" of the Vatican. Incidentally the American Doe case does demonstrate that Geoffrey Robinson was talking legal rubbish when he suggested that the Vatican was not a State in International Law which is what I said at the time

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