Thursday, 16 September 2010

And the Queen Wore Blue

On 8th September 2010 Geoffrey Robertson published in The Independent a section from his Book "The Case Against the Pope".

I had answered most of his points earlier in my Blogs on 9 April and 26 July but I noticed one quote from his book which is worthy of comment

He [ie Pope Benedict]will, it is said, emerge at Edinburgh from the papal plane resplendent in his red satin "head of state" robes ("trimmed with fur on top of a rochet, and wearing the embroidered papal stole") for his meeting with a fellow head of state – Queen Elizabeth II (who must wear black – only Catholic queens can meet the Pope in white)

Looking at the TV and Newspapers I notice that the Queen is not wearing Black she is in fact wearing a very fetching shade of light Blue. Speaking as a Barrister I can say that the rest of the book is as incorrect about the facts and the law as it is about the Queens wardrobe

For those who might want a second legal opinion similar to my own can I recommend the Blog of the European Journal of International Law

Finally one point specifically worthy of comment in Robertsons article where he says that Child Abuse by a Priest is WORSE than Child Abuse by parents which is a weird and frankly rather repellant opinion.

Robertson also makes some allegations based on alleged Catholic views of masturbation. I could reply to those points but I am happy to accept that Robertson is better qualified than myself to comment on that subject

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