Friday, 28 November 2014

Equality Guidance published by Catholic Bishops

A new guidance document 

Applying Equality Law in Practice: Guidance for Catholics and Catholic Organisations

has been published by the Christian Responsibility and Citizenship Department of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

The Bishops Conference says that the new Guidance 

"Will help Catholics gain a deeper understanding of this area of law and remove any misconceptions caused by its perceived complexity. It is important to note that the guide is not intended as a replacement for specialist legal advice.

The guide makes clear that if any issue arises that might lead to liability under equality law, it is strongly recommended that reader consults a solicitor or legal advisor."

About the guide, Archbishop Peter Smith, chairman of the Christian Responsibility and Citizenship Department said

"The aim of this guide is to offer some clear practical guidance on a complex area of law. It is not a substitute for taking professional legal advice but it aims to raise awareness on what the law allows and to enable potential problems to be anticipated and averted.

"There is both scope and sometimes a need for Catholics to make use of the new law’s provisions which can protect religious freedom."

Whilst the Guidance is, of course, primarily aimed at the needs of Catholics and Catholic organisations it should be of interest to any Religious Organisation looking to understand what their legal rights are

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